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Creating a new iFloorPlan

Adding clients logos, contact information and links

Branding. Add your logo and link on every ifloorplan you create

Setting up your preferences




Running iFloorPlans from your domain

Multi level iFloorPlans

Editing published iFloorPlans.



Creating a new iFloorPlan.

  • To create an iFloorPlan, select New from the Control Panel.
  • Click Browse and select a floorplan image from your computer. Image must be a .jpg, .gif or .png. More information about the floor plan image here.
  • Click Upload to send the image.
  • Your floorplan loads into the floorplan space. Scale the floorplan image using the orange slider, and position it by click and dragging the image. You can position the floor plan anywhere on the stage.
  • Also on the stage is the picture box. This is the rectangle your photos will occupy. Scale it by using the green slider above, and position it by click and dragging the picture box.
  • Arrange the two elements to make the best use of the space. The layout can be edited later. Click Save layout when you are ready.
  • You have now set the layout for this iFloorPlan.
  • Click Browse and select your images for this property. Images must be .jpg. Select up to 20 images. If this is a multi level property, and you have separate floorplan images, upload images for this level only.
  • Make sure your image's dimensions are at least the minimum dimensions specified in the text under the file list in the uploader.
  • Click Upload to begin uploading your images. This may take a while depending on your internet connection and the number and size of your images.More information about images here
  • When your first image loads in the image space, an arrow will bounce onto your floorplan. Drag this onto the floorplan. To rotate the arrow to represent the camera and the camera's view, click and hold the green arrows. Release when in position.
  • Click Next. The next image appears and another arrow bounces onto the floorplan. Repeat the process for each image. You can go back and forth if necessary. When all images are loaded, a dialogue box will inform you of the next step.
  • Choose a client for this iFloorPlan. Click on the Client area (or Toolbox > Open client list). Select an agent and Save agent.
  • The name, phone number and email address can be edited for this iFloorPlan only, or, can be left with the default values for this agent.
  • Finally add the address for this property. The address is used to find this property on google maps.
  • At this point you are either ready to Preview and Publish your iFloorPlan, or you can add other information such as text or add some colour. Click on Toolboxto see the options.

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Adding client logos, contact information and links.

Before you make an iFloorPlan for one of your clients, you can and should, use Manage clients to create a brand space for your clients - displayed in the Client area of every iFloorPlan.

To create a brand space for a client. click Clients in the Control Panel. If you have already started your iFloorPlan, you can access the Manage clients interface through Toolbox > Manage clients.

  • Click Add new client
  • Input a name (your reference) for the client. eg Ray White Northcote (this does not appear anywhere in the public realm, this is just your name, for your client.)
  • Add as much information as you want including: Contact name, Email address, Phone number and a URL for logo click-through, eg. your client's web site address. Be sure to include http:// before the www's when inputting the URL for any external links in iFloorPlan.
  • Save your new client's details. Any details you have entered and saved can be edited by clicking on your client's name in the Client list, editing the details and Saving the changes.
  • Next, you will be asked to add a logo. This is optional, but if there is no logo or this client, the iFloorPlan logo will display. You can upload a image (image can be .jpg, .gif or .png) and use the interface to scale the image and drag it into position within the space available.
  • Save the logo. Then click Close. You can upload another image (try again, and again and again), or click Done. That's it, that client is done.
  • Click done.
  • When making an iFloorPlan for your client, click in the Client area to open your list of clients. (Or choose: Toolbox > Open client list) Click on your client's name, click Save client, and that client's information will display with that iFloorPlan.
  • At this point, if you wish, you can edit the information in the Client area. eg. You may want to change the name of the contact agent. If you do so, it is just for the iFloorPlan you are creating. It will not change the information that you saved using Manage clients.

One more thing to remember. If you edit information in Manage Clients, you are editing the default information. Previously published iFloorPlans will not automatically show that default information. To make previous iFloorPlans display the new default information, go to the Control Panel and select Published. For each iFloorPlan you wish to update with the new default client information, click Edit. You need to do 2 things.

  • Open the client list by clicking on the logo, (or Toolbox > Open client list). Select your client from the list, the information in the client brand space will update. Save the client.
  • Preview and Update the iFloorPlan. The new details and/or logo will now display with that iFloorPlan.

NB. An iFloorPlan can be set to display with the client branding hidden.

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Branding. Add your logo and link on every ifloorplan you create

Adding your branding to iFloorPlans is optional.

  • To make your branding appear on every iFloorPlan that you create, click on: Add your branding.
  • If you have not yet set up your brand space you will be invited to upload a logo image. The logo image can be a .jpg, .png or .gif format.
  • Choose your logo image, upload and use the interface to scale and position your logo in the space available. Save the image. (Tip:If you can resize the image in graphics software and upload it at the correct size, you may get a crisper result.)
  • Set the transparency for the default view. Set anywhere between 10% (very discreet) and 100%(always on!). Save transparency.
  • Add your web site as a click through.from your logo. Enter the URL of your web site or web page that you want viewers to see. Make sure you include http:// before the www's.
  • You can edit your brand space any time or delete it.

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Setting up your preferences

Create a set of preferences that include the position of all the elements, level tab labels, and colour scheme for each iFloorPlan you create

  • First create a new iFloorPlan by clicking New > Start New.
  • Upload a floor plan and arrange the Picture box and floor plan as would usually. Upload an image.
  • At this point the positions of the floor plan and the Picture box are locked. Unlock all the elements except the floor plan by choosing Toolbox > Unlock elements. Each element now has new icon to drag that element anywhere on the stage. The Picture box can be repositioned by drag and drop. The floor plan can be repositioned by choosing Toolbox > Edit floorplan.
  • To save the new layout choose Toolbox > Save preferences.
  • To lock the position choose Toolbox > Lock all elements.
  • You can add or update your preferences at any time during the process of creating or updating an iFloorPlan.

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You can create templates simply by saving any iFloorPlan as a template.

  • Click on Toolbox > Save as template. Give your template a name and save it.
  • Once you have saved a template, the next time you start a new iFloorPlan you will be able to select the template.
  • You can Save as template in Edit mode or while creating a new iFloorPlan.
  • The point of templates is to save you time when creating iFloorPlans with a customised layout or colour scheme. The position of all the elements that make up an iFloorPlan are saved. The colour scheme and the client is also saved.
  • You can still rearrange the elements in an iFloorPlan after the template has set the initial positions and colour scheme. And you can change the client too.

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The blue Toolbox button is visible throughout most of the process. Toolbox contains all your options for the iFloorPlan you are making and also a couple of account tools. Toolbox items are listed below:

Organise images

Add images, delete images, rearrange the image order. Organise images allows control over the images you have uploaded, level by level. ( Say you have uploaded an image you meant for a different level. Delete it and send the image to the correct level.)

Open client list

Click to open your Client list. Select a client from your list for this iFloorPlan. Click Save client.

Add external Media

You can add external media to your iFloorPlan. If you have made a video for the property, or 360 tour or any other media that you would like to show in conjunction with this iFloorPlan, click Add external Media.

- Click on an icon appropriate to your extra media. Icons suggest, Video, a 360 tour or a simple button that you can label.

- Add the URL of the media. It is essential that the URL is like all URL's in iFloorPlan and has http:// before the WWW's.

- Drag the icon onto the floorplan.

- Save the settings. Your external media will display in a Floatbox window over the iFloorPlan display.

Add or edit colours

Click to open the colour chooser. Select a colour for the background, the border and/or the text that appears on the iFloorPlan. Once you have chosen a colour scheme, click okay to save it.

NB.When you choose a client for this iFloorPlan, you will be asked if you want to save this new colour scheme with the selected client. This is optional, but if you proceed, you will be able to set the colour scheme for this client in future iFloorPlans just by selecting the client from the Client list.

Add text information

Paste or type text into the window and use the formatting tools. Text information appears in an iFloorPlan on click of 'more info'.

Edit floorplan.

Unlocks the floorplan image. You can then replace the floorplan image or drag the image to reposition your floorplan. To re-scale the floorplan, re-upload the original image, scale, position and save.

Unlock all elements

Unlocks all the elements of the iFloorPlan. This allows you to change the default layout of iFloorPlan. You can reposition the picture box, floorplan, the Client area, the address field, the control and option and sharing strip, the level tabs and your branding.

You can Lock all elements with the Toolbox. You can also Save layout as default.

Enter Lat and Long

Allows you enter Latitude and Longitude of the property. Only nessescary if Google maps cannot find the property address you enter.

Multi Storey properties

To add levels to your iFloorPlan, select either Add level: First, or, Add level: Basement. Or you can select Add level: Site plan.

- Click add level 1 (or Add Lower level, Add site plan)

- The process for uploading a floorplan and images is the same as the the initial level. The only difference being that the image pane size and position is fixed.

- When you have placed all your arrows for each image, click next. A dialogue box tells you that this level is finished. Click okay.

- You now have a set of tabs on the right hand side of your iFloorPlan. Use 'L0' to return to the initial level.

- You can return to any level and edit the arrows' positions, edit the floorplan or organise your images any time.

Manage levels

Delete an entire level if required or rename levels using this interface.

Save as template

Save your iFloorPlan as a template.More info on this option.

Save as default layout

Save your iFloorPlan as your default layout.More info on this option.

Manage clients

You can reach the Manage clients interface from the toolbox. The Manage clients interface opens in an 'inline window'. Create a new client or edit an existing client.

- When you have finished with Manage clients, click Close. This will return you to your Client library.

- Click Refresh List to update the library.

- Select your client.

Enter custom code

If iFloorPlan has issued you with a custom code, this is where you enter it. This is used for customised versions of iFloorPlan. For example.

Multi-level iFloorPlans

To create a multi-level iFloorPlan you will need separate floorplan images for each level.

  • Click Start new to start a multi-level iFloorPlan
  • Proceed as usual to the image upload stage, but upload images for the initial level only.
  • Place your arrows as usual. When you are ready to add another level, click Toolbox.
  • Click Add level 1 or if you want add a lower level, click Add lower level.
  • Upload a floorplan for level 1 (or the lower level). Proceed as usual to position and resize the floorplan.
  • Upload images for this level only and proceed to place arrows for each image.
  • Click Next after the last arrow has been placed. A dialogue box will appear telling you this level is complete. Click OK.
  • A set of tabs will appear on the right hand side of your iFloorPlan.
  • Click the 'L0' tab to return to the initial level. Click any other tab to return to that level.
  • Each level of an iFloorPlan can take 20 images.
  • If you choose Add site plan, you have one extra option. Set site plan to display first. The button below is set to Off by default. Click once to change to On. When a viewer sees your iFloorPlan, the site plan will display first, followed by the initial level (L0).
  • Editing published iFloorPlans

    You can edit your iFloorPlans anytime. Every feature of your iFloorPlan is editable except the image size. To edit an iFloorPlan:

  • Click My iFloorPlans in the Control panel
  • Scroll through your list of iFloorPlans and click Edit, next to the iFloorPlan you wish to edit.
  • An 'inline window' will open with the edit interface. Your iFloorPlan will load. Wait for all the levels to load.
  • You can rearrange arrows, edit the floorplan/siteplan, add, delete or organise your images, add a level or site plan.
  • When you are ready, Preview your iFloorPlan. When you are ready, click Update and then Continue to save your changes.
  • Purchasing credits to publish your iFloorPlans

    Click Purchase in the Control panel.

    The more you buy, the more you save. Credits can be purchased individually, or in lots of 10 and 100. iFloorPlan also offers a subscription account. An annual subscription price is based on the capped number of iFloorPlans.

    Use your credit card or PayPal account to make your purchase.

    You will be returned to iFloorPlan on completion of your purchase.

    Credits are stored with your account and can be used at anytime.

    Running iFloorPlans from your domain

    iFloorPlan now offers an API to facilitate running your iFloorPlans using your own domain. ie www.yourdomain.com/view/2323

    Your clients will then see that this is your interactive floorplan product, and your competitors won't see the iFloorPlan URL and so easily work out that you are using iFloorPlan. This gives you the edge in you area.

    To purchase the API, contact us. When you have your API, you will receive instructions on what to do with it. It is very simple to use.


    Floorplan images must be either a .jpg, .gif or a .png.

    We recommend uploading quite a large floorplan image. A larger image can be scaled down to fit the space and maintain image quality.

    The maximum size a floorplan will display is 920 x 1000 pixels. Aim to make your floorplan's dimensions at least 1000 pixels in height or width.

    If you can control the exact size of your floorplan image using Photoshop or some other imaging software, upload the floorplan image as usual but don't scale it, just position it and Save. Your image will not be resampled and you may achieve optimum image quality.


    Images must be .jpg.

    Each level of an iFloorPlan can handle 20 photos.

    It is important that your image's dimensions at least match the dimensions of the image pane shown on the image pane and under the file list in the uploader. A typical size is 800 x 600 pixels.

    Before you upload your images, it is a good idea to name them sequentially. When you choose your images, they appear as a list in the uploader. If they are not in order, right click and choose 'by name'.

    To reorder your images, add new images or delete images after the original upload is complete, choose Toolbox > Organise images.

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